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What is love? Do you really want to know what is the meaning of love? Are you confused of whether your partner really loves you? While different people might have different love definitions, there is only a few genuine ways to show that you really love someone. While love is invaluable and shouldn’t be handled carelessly, it shouldn’t also be treated too seriously. Love is something intangible. It is something that blind-fold us, that makes us ignore external voices, that makes us follow our guts more than rationale.

What does love mean?

However, this is how I define love. Love requires action. What if someone tells you outright that he/she loves you, but after one moment, he/she doesn’t shows any interests in you, or ignored you completely? That person doesn’t even love you, obviously. When you see couples who has just broken up says that they no longer love his/her ex, it is not the feelings that has disappeared. It is just that they’ve stopped taking actions loving each other. Without actions, the feeling dissipates.

Feelings play very little role in love, while actions taken magnify the feelings and made it took control of our sense and rationality.

After knowing that love requires action, here’s the next thing that need to analyse.

Everybody has been talking about a 50/50 relationship these days. And what that means is each one of you in a relationship will contribute 50% to the relationship. Both parties sum up to 100%. Sounds rational? Not really. Because all you’ve contributed to the relationship is only 50% of yourself. Where love comes into play, it should be 100/100.

100/100 relationship means that both man and woman will give their 100% to the relationship, and of course, that involves taking massive actions.

What I mean by actions isn’t you give, and expect to receive. Your focus should only be on giving, and you’ll only be selflessly giving all the way in the relationship. In a relationship, it is both parties giving all their best, and both of them taking the harvest together.

Giving also extends to forgiving. The word «forgive» comes from the root to «forget» and to «give». Humans are imperfect. To err is human, to forgive, divine.

There are bound to be mistakes committed by either party. You must be able to and be willing to forgive him/her if such situation arises. Forgiving is an action that signals the pinnacle extreme of love. This is my answer if someone asks me, «What is love?»